Student Transfer

Interested in taking road lessons with us, but you did your classroom instruction at another school? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows students to take classroom education and driving lessons at two schools!  If you completed the classroom portion of the driver’s education or a parent class at another driving school, please fill the student transfer form below and we will get to work on processing your requrest with the RMV in Boston.  The RMV needs the following information to process your request:

  • Student Name
  • Permit Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of the school you attended classroom/parent class
A student transfer request must be submitted to the RMV in Boston before we can proceed with any road lessons.  Please also keep in mind that a parent classroom certificate is only valid for 5 years from the date of issue.  If your certificate is beyond the 5 year mark, please plan on attending another parent class at the school of your choice. Please use the link below if you’re interested in signing up for one of our upcoming parent classes. 

We're sad to see you go but life is too short to not be happy with your choices.  If you would like to transfer to another school to complete your driver's education program, please submit the following information and we'll work on getting you a copy of your certificate.  Starting March 2018, we charge a $45 "ATLAS Database Filing and Certificate Processing" fee for any student that completes any component of the driver's education program with us.  You can pay for that online by simply clicking on the "Fees" tab on our Pricing page.  Certificates are processed on Thursdays of each week with no exceptions.