Road Test

So you’ve booked a road test appointment with the RMV and need a car or sponsor? At Flint Driving School, we can rent one of our certified vehicle for you to use on your upcoming road test.  We have 2 different car rental prices. The first price is strictly a car rental fee of $100 and we will meet you at the Fall River RMV to sponsor your road test.  Do not show up late, plan on showing up at least 20 minutes before your road test. This will give us enough time to go over the controls of the vehicle and look over your paperwork. The Warm-up package cost $140 dollars and includes a warm-up lesson prior to your road test.  We will go over vehicle checks and various maneuvers the RMV examiner will required you to perform during the test.

Click reserve now under the package you want and let us know the date and time of your road test and we will let you know if we can sponsor your road test. We can now accept cash, check and credit card in our car or you can also pay for the road test rental using PayPal.  Simply click on the PayPal button under each component and it will redirect you to their site.

Car Rental
Rent one of our RMV-certified vehicle to use for your road test.
Use of driving school car on road test
Meet at Fall River RMV
Instructor will sponsor road test
Warm-up Rental
50-min lessons where we provide tips and tricks about the road test.
Use of driving school car on road test
Warm-up lesson prior to road test
Instructor will sponsor road test


Starting on October 14, 2015, you can now pay for the license and road test fees before or after taking your road test. You can avoid going into the RMV and waiting in line by using the new online transaction. Simply click on the picture below and pay for your fees online!

pay road test online