The Commonwealth of Massachusetts administers approximately 240,000 road test per year and there’s no decline in sight. Driving schools are busier than ever and excellent driving instructors are always in high demand. Whether you’re looking for some extra income or a path to transition into a different career, a Driving Instructor Certificate may be the answer. A Driving Instructor Certificate will allow you to work at any certified driving school in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We’re approved by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to provide a Driver Instructor Training Course (DITC) here at Flint Driving School. The driving instructor training program consist of 120 hours of training that can be completed, usually within 60 days. At Flint Driving School, the driving instructor training program cost $900 and we can offer part-time/full-time teaching positions to the right candidate after successful completion of the training program.  We will also reimburse 50% of the training cost after a successful completion of 1 year of employment at Flint Driving School. We are currently looking for two part-time instructors and hours will vary from 15 to 30 per week. Please send us your resume by clicking on the link below if you’re interested in applying for the training program.

Instructor Training Request